Post Paid Wireless Service

Here in the United States I've been paying almost $100 a month for my Sprint HTC EVO's wireless and data plan. I barely use my cell phone and the data on it unless I am traveling. I've had this service for 3 years now and I love Sprint, but $100 per month is just too much money.

I've recently become a fan of pre-paid wireless cell service. During my trip to South America I discovered how wonderful the reset of the world has it when it comes to wireless service. The options, the freedom, the savings. Most of the world uses pre-paid wireless with SIM cards on GSM networks. All I need to "activate" a cell phone was to walk into any place that sells SIM cards. In S.A. those are available in just about every street corner. Simply pop in the SIM card and "re-charge" your account balance with as little as $5.00. Depending on how much you use your phone it could last you a few weeks to a month. The balance is good for 60 days.

I wanted to see if it's possible to do something similar with my Sprint HTC EVO. This is a CDMA type phone and doesn't use SIM cards. I tried Boost Mobile, but they wouldn't activate my phone because it's not an "Authorized Sprint Device". Kinda of makes sense since they a subsidiary of Sprint and they wouldn't want to compete with themselves. Though, I would question whether is makes sense to loose 100% of a customer by not allowing it.

I searched for alternatives, very few indeed. Options? Well, you can re-flash your phone to be used on Boost Mobile. However, I like my rooted HTC EVO a lot. I wouldn't want to do anything to put it at risk. There is also the possibility of changing your ESN, but I recently learned that it's illegal (in the U.S.A) to do that. Go figure, of course it is. Not such a "free" country isn't it. I digress....

Then out of nowhere (almost by accident) I come across this tiny little company called "Ting". I read about the service and it's not exactly "pre-paid". No, instead it's something a little different. It's post paid wireless service. The terms are simple, $6 per month to keep the service on (per device) and then you pay for whatever voice, text, or data you use. Sounds good, but I was a little skeptical since I've never heard of them.

I scroll to the bottom of there website and see the "Tucows" logo. I learn that Ting is owned by Tucows. I happen to be a fan of Tucows and they are a creditable company. I decide to give this Ting thing a chance.

Much to my satisfaction I am able to activate my Sprint HTC EVO. The entire process took less than 5 minutes.

They seem to put a lot of control in the hands of the customer. You can for example disable voice, data, or text on a per device basis. You can have the service suspend it's self after you hit a custom set limit for either one of those services. There is an Android app that lets you manage your account and control these options as well. Coverage is the same, they use Sprint's network.

So far I like it. Ting seems to have a good following and the majority of it's customers are very satisfied. I think (and hope) they are here to stay. They are backed by Tucows and offer a very unique service. They even have a special offer where they can credit your ETF for up to $75. Or another offer where you can get a $25 account credit when you sign up.

Use this link for the $25 credit for new accounts:

Ting is exactly what I've been looking for.

By editor on 12 September 2013

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