What's this ZetaCoin thing

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard about this thing called ZetaCoin. According to the websites http://getzetacoin.com

By editor on 07 May 2014

Post Paid Wireless Service

Here in the United States I've been paying almost $100 a month for my Sprint HTC EVO's wireless and data plan. I barely use my cell phone and the data on it unless I am traveling. I've had this service for 3 years now and I love Sprint, but $100 per month is just too much money.

By editor on 12 September 2013

Disney Acquires Star Wars

I am pleased to report that the Walt Disney Company is now the owner of the Star Wars franchise. This was both a surprise but expected. Anyone who has been watching Disney Channel for the last year has probably noticed several reference to Star Wars in several of their hit TV series.

I must say this is a nice thing indeed. Finally, Star Wars with some Disney magic mixed in. I can't wait to watch the first release next year.

By editor on 07 February 2013

Disney's Internet TV Service is a Huge Step Forward

Disney has recently come out with an unprecedented product for it's viewers. They launched three Internet TV streaming services named Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney XD, and Watch Disney Junior. It offer viewers to watch the official Disney stream for these cable TV or premium channels on any Internet connected device. Of course you must already subscribe to a supported cable franchise and have the said channels in your package.

By editor on 14 August 2012

MATE Desktop to be in Fedora 18 Repositories

The MATE Desktop Environment is set to be included in the Fedora 18 repositories. This is excellent news and should give the MATE desktop the additional attention it deserves; by putting it right there in front of users as an option at installation time. GNOME is still default, for now. I hope to one day hear the news “MATE Desktop now default for Fedora”. Until then we can enjoy an integrated MATE desktop experience with the world's best Linux distribution.

By editor on 13 August 2012